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Notable Cases

Dr. Robert Brown's notable cases. Dr. Robert Brown is an expert witness in the fields of electrical, electronic and control engineering. A renowned expert in the operation and design of electrical fuses, circuit breakers and other electrical fault protection systems, specialising in how these devices operate in domestic and industrial systems.

In the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division, Technology and Construction Court.

Weatherford v Hydropath/Clearwell

Intellectual property dispute – Analysis of technology to determine and differentiate technologies used in company products.

In the Sheffield Crown Court.

Regina v Stewart

Prosecution for manslaughter, focusing on the fatal electrocution of one party whilst attempting to steal electric cables.

In the Birmingham Crown Court.

Regina v Neil Hoult

Defense expert in a case involving a fatal electrocution.

In the Brighton County Court.

Robinson, Johnson and Johnson v Southern Water Services Limited

Defense expert in the case to determine the causation of failure of sewage pumping station.

In the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London.

Regina v Perkins

Defense expert in the case involving fifteen (15) counts of exporting electronic goods outside of the EC Community without a export license and six (6) counts of fraud.

In the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Electrium Sales Limited v Havells (India) Limited

Defense expert in the case of the alleged manufacture of defective miniature circuit breakers (MCB), the subsequent alleged failure of the domestic MCB’s circuit having the propensity to the ignition of fires.

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