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Wonderful Engineering

This impresses me greatly, … the craftsmanship and engineering skill required and utilised to produce this crackshaft must have been immense.

Reminds me of circumstance involving the mythical ‘Iraq Super gun’.

Sheffield Forge Masters a specialist forging, casting and heavy engineering company still in existence on Brightside Lane in Attercliffe, Sheffield were contracted by an ‘intermediary’ to manufacture sections of a ‘pipe line’ to be used to convey ‘oil’ in Iraq.

Around the same time Gerald Bull a Canadian engineer was contracted by the Iraq Government to develop a ‘super gun’ with long range ballistic propellant capabilities. Saddam Hussain was the leader/dictator of Iraq at the time. Gerald Bull was an expert in long range ballistics.

The British Government, aka the department of Customs and Excises were alerted (somehow) and became suspicious of the contract. Investigations began.

Bull was assassinated outside his apartment in Brussels, Belgium, in March 1990

About the author, …

Eur Ing Dr Robert Brown (Robert) is the Executive Director of Fraser George and Associates Limited and is a Consultant and Forensic Engineer in the fields Electrical Electronic and Control Engineering.

Robert is an accomplished professional Expert Witness having prepared and presented many court compliant reports and presented oral evidence within the High Court, Crown Courts and County Courts.

For further information please contact Robert via;

Email,… or

Tel Land: +44 (0)1777 709175

Tel Mobile: +44 (0) 7976250624

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