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Harmonics in Electrical Systems

Harmonics in Electrical Systems - A guide for insurance loss adjusters and legal professionals

Paper Abstract

The intent of the paper is to aid the understanding of the origins and consequences of harmonics inherent in the supply voltage and load current of electrical power systems. The paper is intentionally non-technical to allow an appreciation of the circumstances should harmonics become prevalent for whatever reason. The paper content starts from the fundamental principles of electricity to Fourier series and why harmonics present in non-linear electrical systems can provoke increased heating, failure and the onset of fire in electrical conductors.

Paper available at:

About the author:

Eur Ing Dr Robert Brown (Robert) is the Executive Director of Fraser George and Associates Limited and is a Consultant and Forensic Engineer in the fields Electrical Electronic and Control Engineering.

Robert is an accomplished professional Expert Witness having prepared and presented many court compliant reports and presented oral evidence within the High Court, Crown Courts and County Courts.

For further information please contact Robert via;

Tel Land: +44 (0)1777 709175

Tel Mobile: +44 (0) 7976250624

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